What We Do

What We Do

Out door Advertising/Bill Boards
We lease space on billboards, suburb signs, street finders and street poles.
Outdoor Advertising is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365
days a year which generates repeated exposure to your potential customers.
Ideal Media for mass market target audience.

Our outdoor services also include
Wall Branding which has been found to be a cost effective way for
brand visibility

Outlet Branding:
We offer customized outlet branding ranging from wall branding, indoor
branding using the latest branding tools. This could be in Banks, bars,
stores or offices to reflect the core brand elements of our clients.

Mobile Outdoor - Taxi/Bus Media Advertising
We offer mobile outdoor advertising on Taxis and Buses. We drive the
clients messages to the consumers and get the clients’ business moving.

Point of Purchase/In-store Branding
At Centurion Media we understand that in store marketing creates a
lively atmosphere and enriches the shopping experience. The store is
more than a distribution point. It is a marketing medium that allows for
various touch points of communication or messaging. As a result we strive
to deliver these experiences to our clients’ customers by designing and
fabricating customized and insightful solutions for our clients.
We also supply branding accessories and aides like snapper frames (in all sizes)
Crystal LED lights, high quality light boxes in all shapes and sizes.

Promotional Materials
Promotional items and business gifts are the most cost effective way
of promoting your company, ideas, events, from open days to product
launches, meetings, to conferences and exhibitions or act as incentives meeting
your budget. The promotional materials we offer range from
T.shirts, caps, write bands through to mugs, glasses, table mats, umbrellas,
refrigerators and many more items.

Experiential Marketing
Experiential Marketing is about providing a brand experience where consumers
can interact directly with the brand. Through allowing consumers
to directly engage with a brand. At Centurion Media Ltd, we understand
that Experience Marketing defines the future of marketing. We live in an
increasingly consumer controlled market place. The only way to maintain
an adequate degree of relevance as a marketer is to provide the consumer
an experience in the self defined and controlled sphere in which he lives.
Our Experiential marketing services include but are not limited to field
working, in store promotions, in bar promotions, Road shows, Promotional
Events. In essence any form of marketing that allows consumers to sample
and with your product is experiential marketing.

Signage and Pylon Signs
We design and fabricate signage that will attract attention to your business .
A sign is a great way to make your business grow. At Centurion Media Ltd
we make it our business to know yours. We create customized sign s to help
grow your business.

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