Our Team

Our Team


Over the years, Centurion Media has built a strong and dedicated team that participates in the efficient day – to – day running, execution and implementation of our business. We have a group of young, spirited and brilliant team players that keep the brand growing with their aggressive nature and ever evolving ideas that are in stride with the world that we are living in. the longer-serving and more experienced staff members bring to the table years of experience and wisdom which is a key player in running a successful business.

Richard Tinka: Managing Director - With a wealth of experience spanning over 15 years in Sales and Marketing with in both the FMCG industry and Business to Business. Mr. T as he is known by his colleagues holds an MBA and has worked with leading brands both local and international in their different categories. He has worked with Nation Media, SAB miller-Nile Breweries Ltd, and Motorola covering a Regional Footprint in East and Central Africa.

Mr. T blends “Hard Core Sales with Intuitive Brand management” to offer clients cutting edge market solutions to their business propositions.

An extrovert in nature, Mr. T enjoys a wealth of valuable networks that have helped Centurion Media Ltd make significant Market penetration and Market share gains in the Media Industry in Uganda.  

Outside his work schedule Mr. T is passionate about sports and athletics. He is an active squash player and has served as Hon Secretary to Uganda Squash Rackets Association (USRA) between 2010 and 2012.

Mr. T is also an active member to Kampala Club and Uganda Golf Club.


Peter Desmond Babigumira: General Manager - With a wealth of experience of over 10 years in Media Operations and Graphic Designs. Peter Graduated from Nkumba University Uganda and holds a Diploma in Graphics Design from Kenya Polytechnic. Peter has worked across East Africa with VAELL-Kenya, Continental Adjusters, - Kenya, Syscorp Media – Tanzania. Peter’s trade in Operations has made him meticulous and a near perfectionist, which at times rubs his colleagues the wrong way but in his usual speak he doesn’t compromise on quality.

During his free time Peter, like the artist he is, loves to paint, draw and create graphic concepts. He’s also quite keen on martial arts, so he’s not one to mess with.

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